Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686

Notes on fol. 4v:

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  R'd the 27 day of decemr of mr marke antony for brekinge of the grounde for his chyldes grave in the churche   1 8
  rd for a knelle     4
  rd fthe 12 fof july for brekinge of the gronde for Mrs Alice Hatchare   2 4
  rd more for pavinge of the same grounde & for a k'elle   1 4
      6 8
Recetes for satern thinges that was solde out of the churche    
  rd of mr barnet for chake solde to hym the 10th day of november 1 2 0
  rd of wyllm symonds the 21 day of november for a lodd of stones 0 18 0
  rd the 19th of mr bloke for free stone 1 0 0
  rd of mr bean the 16 day of december for a grave stone 0 5 0
  rd of f water scote for 2 lode of hard stone 0 3 4
  rd the sam day of edmond goddart for 2 formes 0 2 8
  rd of mr blooke the sam day for 3 peaces of grave stone [blank]    
  rd the same day of water mallyson for a planke the pryce 0 2 0
  itm rd of mr beane the 8 day of January for all the olde peaces of bordes & other stuff 0 8 4
  rd for a lytyll peace of tymbr & 2 plankes 0 5 4
  suma 3 10 2

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Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686
Local Reference: MS 3390, fol. 4v

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