Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686

Notes on fol. 2r:

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1567 R'd of the frenche wydowe & her dauther & another french e man & his wyffe lyinge in her howse   / 8
  R'd of Peter Demote & his wyffe & another wyffe lyinge ther   / 6
  R'd of hym that dwellethe in the sahid & his wyff & another woman   / 6
  R'd of the Cobler within George Moore   / 2
  R'd at the comunion the 21 day of September being sonday for poor   5 4
  Sum to'lis of all receates past 1 2 8
Recevid for church detes dewe at the feaste of thannuncatyon of our Lady Saynt Mary the vyrgin as folowt  
  Inprimis of Mr bean for this quarter paste   3 4
  R'd of Mr hydes   2 4
  R'd of Mr Marke antony   2 6
  R'd of Mr sydley for a quarter   3 4
  r'd of mr cossyne   1 8
  r'd of the stragner in the newe howse   1 /-
  r'd of the basketmaker   2 8
  r'd of the frenche damasker   1 2
  f'd of the frenche wydowe   / 6
  r'd of my lady sheffelde   2 4
  sum partis 1 0 10

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Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686
Local Reference: MS 3390, fol. 2r

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