Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686

Notes on fol. 1r:

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Ano 1566        
  Inprimis Re'd of Wyllm yonge and Arnolde Poole upon saynt Thomas day before xpnmasse for ther accompt beinge then churche wardens for 2 years then paste 0 10 0
  Re'd of the comunicantes the 20th day of decembr for the church   2  
  Re'd for offeryinges on palme sonday being the 23rd of marche at the comunion of alexander bryckenshaw mayde & Mr moore daught & his mayd     6
  Re'd of Mr Bloke & his wyffe & 3 of his servantes     10
  Re'd of Mr Hydes for 5 of his men and one mayde   1  
  Re'd of Mr Chapman for 3 of his men and 1 mayde     8
  Re'd of Mr arnolde for 2 of his men and his mayde     6
  Re'd of Mr Marke Antonys mayde     2
  re'd of Mr Beanes mayde     2
  Re'd of Mr Skynners 2 men     4
  Re'd of Goodman Ilgers daughter     2
  Re'd of goodman Baker & his wyffe     4
  Re'd of Mr Yonge for his offringe     2

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Lambeth Palace Library
Lambeth Palace Road
London SE1 7JU
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Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686
Local Reference: MS 3390, fol. 1r

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