Misc 1571-5

Notes on fol. 41:
Gambling complaint, Blackfriars (London), continues through fol. 45

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To the right honorable Syr Nicholas Bacon knight lord keper of the grete Seale of England and to the right honorable Syr Wylliam Cecill knight of the noble order of the Garter, Lord Burghley lord Threasurer of England/

In most humble wise shewe and complayne unto your honors your humble Supplycantes the Ihabitantes of the precincte of the late Friars Preachers commonly called ye Black Friers in London (an exempted place from the Jurisdicion of the Citie of London) That where the seid place by the care and Industrie of suche as be of the better sort of calling and do inhabite there, and wyth the good consent and deligence of the rest of the seid inhabitantes not wythout contribucion of chardge hath bene kept and maintayned. A place of order aswell for preachinge and other exercises of religion As also for the suppressinge and abeydinge of disorders and Annoyances/

One Henrey Nailer of the seid Citie of London, not dwelling wythin the seid Precinct, besides which anie others unjintnesse bred by hym there hath of late, to mark unto hym selfe, A place of corrmete gayne wythoute respecte of anie inconveniance to followe therof Procised and entrest unto a voyde place within the seid precincte, being at the tyme of the dissolution of the seyd fryers parcel of the Cicuyt of their owne howse and used by them as a cloyster commonly called the Inner Cloyster wyth a place within the same all voyde saving repleneyched wythold trees av pon which cloyster and place both before and since the dyssolution of the sayd fryesrs divers gentelmen of some countenance have had and how have habitiation injoyning the most part of theire lengthe from that place and dyvers of them also have had thorowe the said place theire recourse of goinge and comminge to theire howses

In whiche Cloyster and void place the said Naylor hath made three common bowlinge Aleys, an aley for a pleye comonly called nyne holes and a place provyded for a game called white and Black or for a diceing howse or for both, Which unlawfull games there doth dayle resorte great Nombers aswell of Prentyces watermen and others sortes of servantes as also of others being for the most part very poore men, where they spend their tyme and consume their money to their undoinge usinge suche detstable swearinge wyth suche noyse and cryinge and somtymes wyth frayinge [faded] to the

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Misc 1571-5
Local Reference: SP 46/15, fol. 41 (link)

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