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Notes on item 116:
Nov 1596
Petition to the Privy Council from the residents of Blackfriars, London

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To the right honorable the Lords and others of her Majesties most honorable Privy Councell, --Humbly shewing and beseeching your honors, the inhabitants of the precinct of the Blackfryers, London, that whereas one Burbage hath lately bought certaine roomes in the same precinct neere adjoyning unto the dwelling houses of the right honorable the Lord Chamberlaine [William Brooke, Lord Cobham] and the Lord of Hunsdon, which romes the said Burbage is now altering and meaneth very shortly to convert and turne the same into a comon playhouse, which will grow to be a very great annoyance and trouble, not only to all the noblemen and gentlemen thereabout inhabiting but allso a generall inconvenience to all the inhabitants of the same precint, both by reason of the great resort and gathering togeather of all manner of vagrant and lewde persons that, under cullor of resorting to the playes, will come thither and worke all manner of mischeefe, and allso to the great pestring and filling up of the same precinct, yf it should please God to send any visitation of sicknesse as heretofore hath been, for that same precinct is allready growne very populous; and besides, that the same playhouse is so neere the Church that the noyse of the drummes and trumpetts will greatly disturbe and hinder both the minisers and parishioners in tyme of devine service and sermons;--In tender consideracion wherof, as allso for that there hath not at any tyme heretofore been used any comon playhouse within the same precinct, but that now all players being banished by the Lord Mayor from playing within the Cittie by reason of the great inconveniences and ill rule that followeth them, they now thincke to plant them selves in liberties;--That therefore it would please your honors to take order that the same roomes may be converted to some other use, and that no playhouse may be used or kept there; and your suppliants as most bounden shall and will dayly pray for your Lordships in all honor and happines long to live.  


Elizabeth Russell, dowager

G Hunsdon

Henry Bowes

Thomas Browne

John Crooke

William Meredith

Stephen Egerton

Richard Lee

[blank] Smith

William Paddy

William de Laune

Francis Hunson

John Edwards

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Letters and papers described in the published Calendar of State Papers
Local Reference: SP 12/260, item 116 (link)

Notes on manuscript: Sept-Nov 1596

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