Charles I, vol. 9

Notes on fol. 417r:
29 Dec 1633

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Ordered the 29th: the King &c beinge present.

Touchinge the playhouse in Blackfriers

Upon informacion this day given to the Board of the discomoditie that divers persons of greate quality especially Ladies and Gentlewomen old receive in goeing to the Playhouse of Blackfriers by reason that noe Coaches may stand within the Blackfriers Gate or retourne thither dureing the Play and of the prejudice the Palyers his majesties Servants do receive theby But especially that the Streetes are soe much more incumbered with the said Coaches. The Board takeing into Consideracion the former order of the 20th November last concerning this busines, did thinke fitt to exlaine the saide order, in such manner that as many Coaches as may stand within the Blackfriers Gate may may (sic) enter and stay there, or retourne thither at the end of the Play, but that the said former order of the 20th of November be duly observed in all other parts. Werof aswell the Lord Mayor as all other his majesties officers who are prayed and required to see the said order observed are to take notice./

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Charles I, vol. 9
Local Reference: PC 2/43, fol. 417r (link)

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