Charles I, vol. 9

Notes on fol. 343r:
20 Nov 1633

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About going to the Black Fryars Play house in Coaches

Whereas the Board hath taken consideracion of the great inconveniences that grow by reason of the resort to the Play house of the Black Fryars in Coaches whereby the streets neare thereunto are at the Playtime so stopped that his Majesties Subjects going about their necessarie affayres can hardly finde passage and are oftentymes endangerd: Teir lordships remembring that there is an easie passage by water unto that playhouse without troubling the streets and that it is much more fit and reasonable that those which goe thither should goe thither by water or else on foote rather than the necessarie business of all others and the publique Commerce should be desturbed by their pleasure doe therefore Order that if anie person man or woman of what Condicion soever repaire to the aforesayd Playhouse in Coach so soone as they are gone out of their Couches the Coach men shall departe thence and not retourne till the ende of the play nor shall stay or retourne to fetch those whom they carryed anie nearer with their Coaches than the father parte of St Paules Church yarde on the one syde and Fleet-Conduite on the other syde and in the tyme betweene their departure and returne shall either returne home or else abide in some other streets lesse frequented with passengers and so range their Coaches in those places that the way be not stopped which Order if anie Coachman disobey the next Constable or Officer is hereby charged to commit him presently to Ludgate or Newgate; And the Lord mayor of the Citie of London is required to see this carefully perfourmed by the Conestables and Officers to whom it apperteyneth and to punish every such Conestable or officer as shall be found negligent therein. And to the ende that none may pretende ignorance hereof, it is lastly ordered that Copies of this Order shalbe set up at Paules Chaine by direction of the Lord Mayor also at the west ende of St Paules Church at Ludgate and the Blackfryers Gate and Fleete Conduite./

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Charles I, vol. 9
Local Reference: PC 2/43, fol. 343r (link)

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