Charles I, vol. 9

Notes on fol. 267r:
Coaches in Blackfriars - 9 Oct 1633

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Touchinge the Playhouse in Black Fraires

Upon Consideracion this day had at the Board of the greate inconvenience and annoyance occasioned by the Resorte and Confluence of Coaches to the Play house in Black Fryers Whereby the Streetes being narrow thereabouts are at those tymes become impassable to the greate prejudice of his majesties Subjects passing that way upon theire severall occacions and in perticular to divers Noblemen and Councellors of State whose howses are that way Wherby they are many tymes hindred from theire necessary attendance upon his majesties person and service. Theire Lopps calling to mynde that formerly upon Complaint hereof made the Board was of opinion that the said Play house was fitt to be removed from thence and that an indifferent Recompence & allowance should be given them for their Interests in the said house and buildinges therunto belonging. Did therfore thinke fitt and order that Sir Henry Spiller and Sir William Becher knights the Alderman of the Ward Lawrence Whitaker Esquire and [blank] Child Citizen of London or any three of them be hereby required to call such of the parties interessed before them as they shall thinke fitt and upon heareing teir demaunds and iewe of the place to make an indifferen Estimate and valewe of the said house and buildings and of their Interests therin and to agree upon and sett downe such Recompence to be given for the same as shall be reasonable and therupon to make Report to the Board of their doeings an proceedings thein by the 26 of this present

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Charles I, vol. 9
Local Reference: PC 2/43, fol. 267r (link)

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