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The declaracion of thacompte of Hughe Losse…by Sir Edward Northe knighte late Chancelor of the Courte of Thaugmentacions… ‘to repaire the said late dissolved house to the kinge majesties use for the bestowing and saife keeping of his highness Tentes, Hales, pavilions and Revelles and for the stowage of his majesties Allam. [also record of payment for repairing a tenement in Hampstead, M-x]

The said late dissolved house of the Blake Friers in London

Appoynted to be a Storehouse for the custodie and keeping of the kinges majesties Tentes, Hales, pavilions and Revelles whereupon the said accompt hathe made sondrie payments by order of the said Channcelor and generall Surveiors aswell for the wages of sondrie Artificers and Labourers as also for thempion of sondrie provisions implored aboutes the same as in one particular Boke therof made and subscribed by John Barnarde having th’oversighte of the same upon this accompt perused appereth that is to saye

[artificers paid included carpenters, bricklayers, masons, plasterers, tilers, plumbers (to take lead from steeple); also wages of labourers, clerks and porters and John Barnard for his oversight (he was paid £19/2/0d). total paid for labour £126/14/4d.]

[goods purchased included bricks, lime, sand and loam, ironwork, bordes, lathe and rafters, ‘nailes and sprigges’, solder for plumbers, wood, baskets, shovels, spades, paper and ink. Total cost: £49/14/2½d]s

[the total sum spent was £176/9/½d]

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Works and Buildings (misc.)
Local Reference: E 351/3329, item 1 (link)

Notes on manuscript: Payments for Blackfriars as revels storehouse, 37 & 38 H8, 1&2 E6

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