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Payments for building works in Blackfriars, 1551. Tagged creation date approximate.

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bearing date 18th of ____ ___ Edward VI quarto to repaie unto Sir John Williams Knight Treasurer of the Courte of Augmentacions and Revenues of the kinges majesties … to receive certen somes of money aswell towards the erecion and buldying of twoo bridges th’one at the Blackfreyers and th’other at the Templl ____ London aforesaid as also for the repaires deue at the kinges majesties howse ____ in the Countie of Bark.


[for the 2 bridges at the temple and at Blackfriars, the total amount paid, for goods and labour, was £156/19/4d]

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Works and Buildings (misc.)
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A. Blackfriars, London

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