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This indenture made the 20th day of december the 28th yere of the reigne of our soveryyne lorde kyng henry the 8th betwene the reverende sather in god John HolseyBisshopp of Rochester perpetuall comenatorye of the order of frioers prechers of teh howse of synt John Evangellist in London next ludgatt and ye court of the same place of teh one partye and the right worshipfull Sir William Kyngston knight dame Mary his wyfe henry Jarnyngham sone and here apparent of the said dame mary on the other parte Wytnessyth that the said Father perpetuall comendations & comet of one Assent and consent will and full agrement have geven and granted and by these presents do gyff and grant demyse & letten to fearm to the forsaid Sir William Kyngston dame Mary his wiff...all the messuage, tnemen, gardyng, wich of late was in the handes of dame Elizabeth dentonys wyth a woye to the water side bytwen the gardyn of my lady Paycokes of your west parte and the garden of therye pryn of teh eest parte And also 2 chambers and a filler under wich the

[standard lease: 5-0-0 payable in four payments of 1-5-0 each for a term of __ years]

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Miscellaneous Items
Local Reference: E 303/9, item 180

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A. Blackfriars, London

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