Inventories of church goods

Notes on item 202:
Rough inventory and note of disposal of the contents of the church, chapter house, etc, of the Black Friars

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The late black Fryers within the City of London:

Further the table at the high alter

Itm the stalles in the churche

4 candlestykes of Cattn & an agle & the Junage aboth syles the alter

Itm 2 payr of organs in the Ridloepe by the Cruyn thother byggar then thither

Itm the 4 tables in the body of the Churche with the chapples pews and procloses within the said body of the churche

Itm the chapterhowse & the Foure of the cloystre beneth del this lodginge above the said cloister ben’ grauntyd to sir Frances Bryan my Lord Combehame & my lady kyngeston

Itm the inner clyster is holly grauntyd to my lady kyngeston with the backe linsses & bie whatesses & stables

Itm the north ___ by the Unyar ys assigned to the hishe churche

Itm a fayre lavy to in the great cloister

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Inventories of church goods
Local Reference: E 177/14, item 202

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