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Notes on item 39:
1556 petition by Blackfriars inhabitants concerning their Church to Nicholas Heath, Abp of York and Lord Chancellor, 1555-1558. Tagged creation date is approximate.

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To the righte reverende Father in God Nicholas Archibisshipe of Yorke and lorde Channcelor of England

In most humble wisse comleyning _____ unto your grace the inhabytantes nowe dwellinge within the scyte circuyte and precyncte of the late black ffryers within the Citie of London./ That wher they _____ founded and erectyd within the late scyte and prcyncte of the said...wiche said Churche was an _____ parisshe church and was dedicated and knwen by all the tyme whereof _____to the contrary by the name of the parisshe churche of saynte Anne./ And all the parisshioners of the said parisshe... have allwayes by all the tyme aforesaid had as free_____aswell for the receivinge of the due admynistracyon of sacramentes and sacramentalles/ As also for the hearinge of devyne service/ As any other parissoners within the said Citie have had or ought to have_____ adjoyninge unto the said parisshe churche within was accustomed to be the place of buryall for the said parisshe and alweys knowen by the name of the churcheyarde of the said parisshe... And _____of the said late house of the black fryers for the tyme being in consyderacion that all the messuage landes tenemetnes and heredytaments being within the said parishe... dyd hooly apperteyne and belong _____ house of the said late Black Fryers.

[continues as in PRO C 1/1330/39...]

The same [the churchyard] is nowe letten and convertede to a prophane use that is to say parte thereof into a carpenters yarde, and apon one other part thereof there is of late created certen tennis playes by John Warren George Warren adn Henry Fylyon tenantes to the said Sir Thomas Cawarden to the utter desheryson of your said oraters yf your graces accustomed goodnes be not to them shewn _____ Ill consideracion whereof and forasmuche as the parisshioners of the said parisshe...never geve up nor graunte there said paisshe churche and churcheatrde to v heretofore were and yet beotered _____and consyens owners of the same. And forasmoch also as the said parisshe Church and parisshe churchyeard be not geven or graunted _____your said orators yt maye therefore please your good grace the premysses tenderly consydered to examyne the contentes hereof and therein to take such oder and decision as your said grad _____ of there said parishe churche and parisshe church yard with recompense for the spoyle and defarynge thereof/ They may for great and use the same as they had done here fefore to _____ god and godly Cristen people And your said Orators shall daylie praye to God for the preservacion of your good grace in honor long to endure.  

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Local Reference: C 1/1405, item 39 (link)

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A. Blackfriars, London

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