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1555 petition by Blackfriars inhabitants concerning their church to Stephen Gardiner, Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Winchester

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To the right reverende Father in god Stephen bishope of Wynchester and lorde Chauncelor of England

In mooste humble wise compleyning shewen unto your honorable lordeshippe your poower orators thenhabitanes within the syte circuyte and preicincte of the late black ffryers within the Citie of London on the one partie of them that wher there was a certen parishe Churche Founded and created within the said...late black Fryers london whiche said churche was an Anciente parisshe church, and was dedicated named and knowen by all the tyme whereof the memory of man not to the contrary, by the name of the parishe curche of Saynte Anne, And all the parisshioners of the said parisshe of Saynt Anne have alweys by all the tyme aforesaid hadd as free ____ and recourse to the said parishe church aswell for the Receyvinge of the due administration of sacramentes and sacramentalles as also for the hearing of devyne servyse, as any other parisheoners within the said Citie have hadde or [damage] this to have to there parishe Churche or Churches And have receved from tyme to tyme at and within the said parisshe Church moche spirituall Comforte and consolacion./ To wiche parisshe church they did also belonge by all the tyme aforesaid/ A certen parcell of grownde near adjoynynge unto the said parisshe churche wiche was accustomed to be the place of buryall for the said parisshe church and alweys knowen by the name of the churche yarde of the said parisshe of seynt Anne./ And which also the late prior of the said late house of the blacke ffryers for the tyme beinge in consideracion that all the mesuages landes tenementes and hereditamentes beinge within the said parisshe of seynte anne dyd holy Apperteyne and belonge to the said late house of the said late black Fryers, dyd conynually Fynde and ___ at his owne proper costes and charges, A sufficiente curate to serve the said parisshioners in the parisshe Churhe aforesaid aswell for the admynystracion of all sacramentes and scaramentalles as for ther evyne servyce and all other thinges to a Curate apperteyn\ynge to the greate _____ consolacion and comforte of the said parissioners./ Wiche said [damage] Churche did so conteynue and was frome tyme to tyme well and sufficiently served with a good byble and sufficiente Curate duringe all suche tyme as the said late house of the said late lacke Fryers dyd stonde or hadd contynewunce/

And after the dissolusion of the said late house, The parisshioners of the said parisshe of Saynte Anne hearinge saye that there said parisshe churche the shulde be pliucked downe and defaced did for the mere preservacion and savinge therof make there humble suite unto the lorde kinge of famous memory kinge henrye theighte and to his moste henorable privie counseayle that there [damage] parisshe church and churcheyarde myghte styll remayne and contynue to them and there successors and for suche godly use and purposes as the same were firste formed and ordeyned for wherunto his hyghnes moste graciously condissended and agreed whereupon The said parisshioners recyvinge so good and comfortable _____ in there said sute did after that Fynde and maynteyne at there owen proper costes and Charges A curate yerely to to ___ and execute all thinges within the parisshe to Curate doithe belonge and apperteyne And did also charge themselfes with the necessary prearacions of the same Churche/

So longe as they the said parisshioners enyoied the compacion of the same. And untill suche tyme as the seid parisse church and churchyearde were severed and devyded with _____ willes from the said parisshioners by the officers of the said late kinge whereof sir Thomas Cawarden was one who dylivered unto the said parisioners that the said Kinges pleasure was to have there said parishe Church and churcheyarde among other romes within the said scyte of the said late house./ To lay in his majestieys pavylyans Tentes maskes and revels. Accordinge whereunto the said parisshioners gevinge credyt unto the said Sir Thomas Cawarden and others the officers aforesaid did Furthere Forthe forbere the use and occupacion of there said parisshe church and churcheyarde and [damage] the same for Thomas Cawarden and thofficers of the said late kinge to have the rule and governente thereof for the use aforemencyoned/ And shortely after the same parissioners desiringe moche to have some other place in the said scyte for sorte unto the hearing of devyn servyce as it was moste mete and _____ made request unto Sir Philip Parrys and Sir John Perogent knightes that they wolde be suters unto the said late kinge for the parishiones aforesaid [damage] have somme other convenyente place within the said scyte grawnted unto them in the lewe of the said parisshe church and churchyarde, duringe suche tyme as the said late kinges pleasure was to use them and parisshe churche and churcheyarde in forme aforesaid whiche they the said sir philipp parrys and sir john paryent did accordingly./

Wherupon the said late kinge moste gracyously consyderinge the godly sute of the said parissioners did then graunte unto them a certen rome _____ and beinge under an olde gallery within the said scyte for the hearinge of devyne servyce./ And also a parcell of grounde adkoyninge unto the same for [damage] whiche Rome and parcell of grounde to them granted in forme aforesaid the said parisshioners did frequente and use for their churche & churcheyarde by the space of 2 yeares or [damage] And [damage] Servys sacrementes and sacramentalles to them celebrated therein. As did apperteyne untill suche tyme as the scyte if the said late house of the said late blacke Fryers within [damage] thereof amonountinge to the yerely value of scytuate lyenge and beinge within the said scyte same to theandes and possession of the said Sir Thomas Cawarden by the gifte and graunte of the late kinge Edward the sixthe./

So it is righte honourable lorde that the said Sir Thomas Cawarden shortley after that he hadd the order rule and gavermente of the said scite and other the premisses under the saide late kinge henry theighte like a very ungodly mannothinge regardine the siervyce of talmightie god did vermently uncharytably adn moste ungodly of this own [damage] wonte [damage] of Commyssion frame the same late kinge to the knowledge of the said inhabetauntes not anely desyre your said ___ parishe church...and pull downe the ruff of the same but also most ungodly did lycense and appynte a parcell of the said parisshe Churche to one Phillipps for a stable for his horses, syinge unto your said Orators that if they wolde not take downe the sacramentes which dyd then hange over the alter in the said parisshe churche That he woulde pull it down. And the said Sir Thomas Cawarden not therewith satisfied did shortly after the said )))) and grant tot hym ___ of the premysses by the said late kinge edwarde the sixte overthrowe and plucke downe a great parte of the walles of ye said orators parisshe church aforesaid and dd [damage] the said parisshioners the rome and parcell of grounde aforesaid which was graunted unto them by the said late kinge Henry theighte in the lewe of there said parisshe churche and chucheyarde as before is menciones [damage] whereof he said orators and all thenhabytantes noew dwellinge within the said scyte of the late house being in nomer threscore householdes and sevenscore houselinge people or more were [damage]sithens and yet bene by that occasion chealy destalide and unpormyded of [damage]of parisshe churche or chapell to repayre unto for the hearinge of devyen servyce or of [damage] manne of churchyearde for the buriall of the deade to the greate greff trowble and hevynes of your said Oraters./

And althe righte good and gracyous lorde that this siad Sir Thomas Cawarden hathe sondry tymes permited the said parisshioners to provyde for them some other convenyente place within the said scyte for there parisshe church the and churcheyarde ____ he did utterly desyre there said parissshe churche as before is mencyoned yet that to doo he hathe thehter to resased destered and delyved and yet dothe refuse to deffer and delaye contrary to all ____ and god cons[damage] to the grete greff & disease of the said parissioners who have ever sithens the pullinge downe of the said parisshe churche that is to ___ __ the sparce of 7 yeres or more bene enfoced by [damage] occasion to goo abrode [damage] to one parishe churche and some to an other for thedminstracion of scarmentes and for hearinge of such edevyne servyse as to cristion people dothe appertyen [damage] they have not bene moste willing receaved greatly to there discomforte/

And where as in tymes past almightie god hathe ben duley and so revernly served in the parisshe church [damage] said to the great comforte of all good Christen people nowe the scyte and syle of the same parisshe churche or the more parte thereof made by the said Sir Thomas Cawarden into John Warren and _____ to twoo severall Tenyse courtes or tennys playes to the open mayntenance of vise and to the greate hurte and corrupcyon of the youthe of the [damage] saide Tennys courtes bene rentyed at 70 poundes by yere or there aboutes as it is reported/

And where also the said Churchyarde was firste and _____ for _____ instente that is to saye for buryall of the dead The one halff therof bye estymacion or thereaboutes is nowe formed and converted by one Harry Fylian into a carpenters yarde wherin he dothe laye his tymber and trasshe, and in the same hathe digged a sawepitte therein to sawe his tymber and uopn one other arlt of the same churchyarde the said John ___ and George Warren house of late _____ certen frames of Tymber for Tenementes to the utter dissher___ of your said Orators if your good lordshippe _____ goodnes be not to _____ whereof and somesoche as the parissioners of the said parishe...greaunt there siad parisshe churche and churche yarde torte of the said kinge but at all tymes hereotfre were and yet bene bothe in lawe and consyens laufully sused of the same/

And foreasmuche also as the said parisshe churche and parisshe churche benet geven or graunted by may specially wordes unto the said Sir Thomas Cawarden by leteres patenes of the said late king Edward the 6th/ But that the same sir Thomas Cawarden John Warren George Warren and Harry Fylyan of mere wronge do kepe the possesion of the premysses from your said orators in made and fornish _____ then that they are ony of them do previde with ther said buldinges were other waye to alter fram pope paye or nede which _____ almightie god for [formal closing]

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