Instructions for English Envoys, &c.

Notes on fol. 81r:

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[...Blackfriars ordinances continued from previous folio]

Item a collection monthlie made for the poore, at every Comunion.

Item yf any incontinent person be taken, he or she is punished by Carte, and sent to Bridewell and presented to the ordinarie by the Churchwardens.

Item if anie be disorered, the Constable seeth him to be corrected, which Constable is sworne and appointed by the Justice of the Vierge.

Item all victuallers are bound before the Justices of the vierge for their good order./

Touching ordinances for the white friers.

The inhabitantes there since the death of the late Steward, and the determinacion of the Commission of the Juscitce of the peace appointed by him for the goverement of the same, during which tyme they were well governed; being often impeached by the Maier and other officers of the Cittie, have not of late been willing to make such contribucion as were necessarie for the good order of the same, But upon the dertminacion for the quiet enkoying of the libertie, they weill take order as followeth.

Inprimis for their church having none, and being for the small nomber not able to buyld any, the precincte being annexed to the dioces of London, they will all be bounde to Paules Church, and there to frequente service, and Communicate, as the Lawes require./

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Instructions for English Envoys, &c.
Local Reference: Lansd. MS 155, fol. 81r (link)

Notes on manuscript: A miscellaneous volume containing principally copies of Instructions for English Envoys to France, Spain, Scotland, Holland, &c.; also to Lords Deputies of Ireland, and to various Sea and Land Commanders from 1553 to 1556; Articles for the Regulation of the Royal Household; &c. &c.

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