Instructions for English Envoys, &c.

Notes on fol. 80v:
petition continued from fol. 80r

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[petition continued from fol. 80r]


beseeche her majestie that yt would please her to appoint Commissioners of the peace, not onlie for the preservacon of her Majesties said interest, but also for the good governement of the said precintes./


Th’order of the presente goverment nowe used in the blacke friers

First they have a Church & churchyarde founde of benevolence./

Item a preacher there maintained by the benevolence of th’inhabitantes, who everie sundaie & holiday preacheth in the said Church, saieth divine service, and every first sondaie in the moneth ministereth a Comunion.

Item a howse prepared also of benevolence for his habitacion.

Item the gates of the said precincte are shutte everye evening and opened againe in the morninge and a porter maintained for that purpose.

Item a Scavenger for the cleane keepinge of the streetes.

Item the bridges at the Thames and Bridwell ordinarilie kept.

Item a Conduit of water for th’inhabitantes, maintained within the said precinct, wherby they are not forced to goe into the Cittie for water.

Item a Lanthorne & light orderlie kept as in the Cittie./

Item yf any howse be infected of the plague, the dore is shutt up and a bill sett over the same and a collection made for the sustentacion of the infected howse.

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Instructions for English Envoys, &c.
Local Reference: Lansd. MS 155, fol. 80v (link)

Notes on manuscript: A miscellaneous volume containing principally copies of Instructions for English Envoys to France, Spain, Scotland, Holland, &c.; also to Lords Deputies of Ireland, and to various Sea and Land Commanders from 1553 to 1556; Articles for the Regulation of the Royal Household; &c. &c.

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