Instructions for English Envoys, &c.

Notes on fol. 80r:
petition continues on fo. 80v

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but by the Constables with th’assistantes of the inhabitantes of the same, at the comandent of the Justices of the peace to be appointed by speciall commission for the same.

Item that all artificers and Craftesmen whatsoever (although they be not freeman of the Cittie) lawfully to exercise their trades misteries & occupacions without controllement of the Maior or other officers of the Cittie.

Item to be free from all tenthes & fiftenthes to be graunted aswell to the Queenes Majestie as of all other tenthes, fifenthes, taxes, tallays, and other bourdens whatsoever to be imposed upon them by the Cittie, as hetherto hath bene accustomed./

Item to be free from watches, wardes, Juries of enquireis, and others to be chardged within the Cittie./

Item to be free from all offices, lawes, statutes, Customes, and orinaunces of the Cittie./

A declaration of such interest as her Majestie hath in the said precinct with the caualties hereunto belonging, together with a petition for the well goverment of the same.

Inprimis her highnes hath all landes & goodes of traytors and felons &c.

Item all waifes, straies, escheates, bloodsheds, fynes, amerciamentes, and casualties whatsoever.

Item aucthoritie to appointe Justices of the peace, bayliffes, Constables, and other officers within the said precinctes.

The petition


 And therefore we whose names are subscribed being resident within the said precintes, most humblie [petition continues on fo. 80v]

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Instructions for English Envoys, &c.
Local Reference: Lansd. MS 155, fol. 80r (link)

Notes on manuscript: A miscellaneous volume containing principally copies of Instructions for English Envoys to France, Spain, Scotland, Holland, &c.; also to Lords Deputies of Ireland, and to various Sea and Land Commanders from 1553 to 1556; Articles for the Regulation of the Royal Household; &c. &c.

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