St Katherine by the Tower, Constables’ Accounts

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The dischardge of the saide Owyn Davyes and John Tomlyn for the monye wch came unto their handes as aforesaid  
Inprimis for cartinge of Elizabeth Corbett and Richmondes wieff three shillinges foure pense Gyven to a poore man in the hole 4d And to a Rogue 4d spente uppon masterlesse men ___ twoe times 8s 2d TO a woman that was broughte a bell in hye cage fyve shillinges, For horses and mending of a drum wch was broken when Knightes wieffe did ryde seaven shillinges £1/4/2d
Itm pd by force of a warrant directed unto us for four able men and fyve poundes in monye the seconde of Februarye 1599 £5/0/0d
Itm pd for ye quest of the same four men and the chardge spent upon them £0/11/8d
Itm pd more for imprest [?] of fyve men and spent uppon them £0/10/0d
Itm paid for the Provost marshall his wage for the quarter by force of a Warrant date the 6th day of December 1599 £0/12/0d
Itm pd to Mr Gowge high connstable for maymed Souldiers. As appeareth by 4 severall Acquittance £0/13/0d
Itm paid to Lieff tenante Awstyn for his half yeares paye as appeareth by his acquittance for searche of Armour £0/9/0d
Itm spend in thanswering of a warrante for composcission better 2s and spent at Westmer at the generall Sessions 6s some ys in toto £0/8/0d
Itm pad to the Armorer for keeping the Armour and other furniture £0/6/8d
Itm pd for the keepeing and amending of the Clock £0/5/0d
Itm pd to Mr Stapers for his travell with the Constables and writinge of certen bookes for them £0/5/0d
Itm pd by force of a warreant directed unto us dated the 6th of August 1600 for comocission for veales poultry and other provision £0/12/0d
sum totalis ys £10/16/6d
Res of the money receaved and collected as pro contra appeareth £4/0/11d
The wch £4 and 6d ys by them all unto this Enquest And fullye dischardged  

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London Metropolitan Archives
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St Katherine by the Tower, Constables’ Accounts
Local Reference: CLC/199 MS 9680, fo. 7r

Notes on manuscript: The inquest book of the Hospital of St Katharine by the Tower (London), 1598-????

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