The Arch Project is a collaborative tool that helps you transcribe, share and discover historical manuscripts

There are tens of millions of pages of manuscript material in archives around the world. Much of it is incompletely indexed, hard to find and harder to access. That makes the work of historians harder; it also separates the general public from from the original sources that underpin our understanding of the past.

The goal of The Arch Project is to make out-of-copyright manuscripts easier to find and use. By making historical documents available and searchable online, we hope it will be easier for people to discover the connections that so improve our understanding of the past.

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The Arch Project offers a free, easy-to-use place to store your transcriptions and tools to discover new sources relevant to your areas of research.

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The Arch Project reduces unnecessary strain on archives and helps connect the broader public to history in a new and important way.

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The Arch Project offers a store of unique content that illuminates our collective past.

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"Inprimis for cartinge of Elizabeth Corbett and Richmondes wieff three shillinges foure pence Gyven to a poore man in the hole 4d And to a Rogue 4d spente uppon masterlesse men att twoe times 8s 2d to a woman that was broughte a bell in ye cage fyve shillinges, For horses and mending of a drum wch was broken when Knightes wieffe did ryde seaven shillinges"

LMA CLC/199 MS 9680, fo. 7r
Date: February 1599/1600
Place: St Katherine-by-the-Tower, London