British Library - St Pancras (BL)
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London NW1 2DB
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Notes: The British Library is the national library of the UK and the world's largest library by number of total items (150m+). The manuscript collections of the British Library form part of the national repository of manuscripts, private papers and archives. They contain material of outstanding research importance for all periods, countries and disciplines.

The manuscripts held by the British Library comprise of a series of named collections that have been acquired over the history of the British Museum and the Library, from the Foundation Collections (Cotton, Harley and Sloane) to the series of Additional Manuscripts. The latter comprise the largest collection of manuscripts.

Manuscripts are rarely arranged thematically, as most recent acquisitions are simply added to the continuing 'Additional' series, and 'closed' collections, assembled by collectors before being acquired by the British Library, naturally encompass a wide variety of material.
Source: Wikipedia, BL website.

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