Lambeth Palace Library (LPL)
Lambeth Palace Road
London SE1 7JU
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Notes: LPL is the official library of the Archbishop of Canterbury and principal holder of records for the history of the Church of England, founded as a public library by archbishop Richard Bancroft in 1610. It contains over 120,000 books as well as the archives of the Archbishops of Canterbury and other church bodies dating back to the 12th century. The valuable collection of original manuscripts contains important material, some dating as far back as the 9th century. The various other collections contain material on an immense variety of topics from the history of art and architecture to colonial and Commonwealth history, and innumerable aspects of English social, political and economic history. The library is also a significant resource for local history and genealogy.
Source: Wikipedia. Archon code 109.

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Manuscript collections at LPL:

Other MSS at LPL:

  • MS 3390: Churchwardens' Accounts, Holy Trinity Minories, 1566-1686